sometimes it takes you weeks to get to page 100, other times it takes less than 3 hours

The time it’s taken me between two books to get to page 100 is vastly different.

For An Unnecessary Woman, it’s taken me weeks. Why can’t I get into this character?? My complaints before page 97 become valid again and it’s killing me! I have a highlight somewhere on page 97 or 98 of that book and it becomes alive, I’m connecting to the character, life is wonderful. And then? Poof. The narrator goes off on some other tangent and I’m left huffing an puffing wondering when in the world am I gonna get the good stuff again? More than that, there’s wonderful sentences in here, thought provoking paragraphs, but the author lures me in just to expel me once more. This hard to get play isn’t one for me and I’m trudging through the last 100+ pages.

But for All the Ugly and Wonderful Things? I’m on page 100+ already! Started last night before the beginning of 2017 and here I am flipping page after page because I can’t get enough! Because it makes me uncomfortable but there are relating characters so I fly along, because I’m interested in the story and already invested in the characters. I’ll have this book finished probably by tomorrow if not sooner, but damn if it doesn’t make a difference on the author’s writing style.

I expected so much more out of An Unnecessary Woman by this point, and while it has been rewarding in some cases, in most, it’s fallen flat at my feet and I want to cry because I looked forward to reading it for so long. UGH.



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